The CCDP designation is a mark of professional excellence. It symbolizes the practitioner's commitment to ongoing professional development and the continuous advancement of the career development field.

To maintain their designation and title, both CCDP and CCDP Candidates must:

  • Maintain continuous Professional Membership with BCCDA

  • Complete and document professional activities worth 25 credits per year

  • The reporting period starts with an anniversary date of your certification and concludes a day before the certification anniversary date of the following year.

  • There is a 30 days grace period, after which the submissions are a subject to $25 +GST late submission fee.

  • Ensure that each professional development activity claimed addresses at least one Core Competency and one area of Specialization from the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners

  • Supporting Documents: Please retain verification documents for all continuing education activities claimed for one year after submission as they may be required for randomized audits



  • Sign up to your Membership Portal, click on professional activities section from your menu, either choose the activity from the existing list, or submit a new activity.

  • All activities submitted must relate to the function of Career Development Practitioner.

  • For each activity, in a short paragraph, please describe how the activity enhanced your practice (What did you learn and how does it apply to your work)

  • For each activity, indicate at least one core competency and one area of specialization that it addresses. Please see the list below.


We encourage you to submit your professional development activities throughout the year via our online membership portal. However, if you prefer, you can still submit your professional activities via the professional development maintenance form. Download here. Please fill it up and submit the email with an attachment to admin@bccda.org titled "CCDP Maintenance "


C1 - Professional Behavior

C2 - Interpersonal Competence

C3 - Career Development Knowledge

C4 - Needs Assessment and Referral


S1 - Assessment

S2 - Facilitated/Individual Group Learning

S3 - Career Counselling (counselling understood as advising, not clinical counselling)

S4 - Information/Resource Management

S5 - Work Development

S6 - Community Capacity Building

The total of your annual activities must demonstrate all four core competencies to maintain your certification.

The following is list of some recent BCCDA activities with the associated Continued Professional Development credits that you can choose (if relevant) to be credited towards your annual reporting period. If the activity is not included in the list, please click on the button to submit a new one for review and approval.

If you registered for some of our activities (e.g. webinars, workshops, conference) via your member portal, the credits will be submitted to your account automatically after we confirm your attendance. If you don’t see the activity you registered for, you can ad it by clicking on the blue submission button.

Credits should be entered as per the actual time spent doing the activity subject to the maximum limit. One hour of an activity is equal to one credit.

ELIGIBLE DIRECT ACTIVITIES (Subject to Maximum Credits)

  • Volunteered for Career Sector Association (20 credits - Board | 10 credits - Committee |10 - Event/Project Volunteer)

  • Attended Career Development/ related conference ( 15 credits- Career Development Conference | 6 credits Related Conference )

  • Delivered workshop, webinar, seminar, lecture| training day, mini forum (5 credits per workshop/webinar (2 credits/event if previously delivered). (This delivery should be to peers/CDP's and not your clients/students)

  • Participated in a related workshop, webinar, lecture, seminar, roundtable ( 15 credits)

  • Participated in a related course, training day, mini forum ( 10 credits )

  • Participated in BCCDA or other career association networking event ( 10 credits )

  • Taught career development course or developed curriculum for university, college or other training provider ( 10 credits )

  • Authored career development book, article, blog (20 credits/book, 2 credits/Article or Blog Post [5 articles max per year]


  • Read Career Development publications - i.e. books, professional publications, blogs, websites ( 5 credits )

  • Conducted Career Development Research (2 credits )

  • Completed BCCDA Survey (0.5 credits)

Training activities may be done through BCCDA, or through other organizations and training providers. CCDP holders can claim up to a maximum 10 credits for all indirect activities such as reading and research.

You must save supporting documents for all professional activities claimed for one year after submission as they may be required for randomized audits. Examples of accepted documentation include, but are not limited to the following: Receipts, Certificates of attendance, Transcripts, Conference agendas, Programs, Course outlines, Notes taken at conferences/workshops, Reading and research notes, Copies or url for published articles, blogs, letters of support and/or reference.

*Workshops/training delivered to your clients as part of your job are not considered for credits.


If you let your CCDP certification lapse, the reinstatement fees are as follows:

  • CCDP reinstatement administration fee - $100 +GST

  • Each year of missing CCDP maintenance activities, up to the current year - $50 +GST

Former CCDPs will only be eligible for re-certification up to three (3) years after their CCDP expiry date. After three (3) years former CCDPs will be required to submit a new CCDP application.

Please feel free to contact the BCCDA with any questions regarding Reinstatement by email to admin@bccda.org