All members of BC Career Development Association (BCCDA) agree to adopt the following Code of Ethics. BCCDA is committed to helping those we serve or support to achieve their fullest potential. To this end BCCDA members will:

  • Maintain an interest in the well-being of all clientele
  • Respect the right of each client to be an individual in all respects, as to personal tastes, moral and social values
  • Refrain from discrimination for reasons of colour, gender, age, race, creed, social status, sexual orientation, or nature of mental or physical disability
  • Treat the client under all circumstances with due concern for the dignity of the individual
  • Respect the confidential nature of the relationship with the client and protects the confidentiality of records, refuses to divulge confidential information to any person without the knowledge and consent of the client, and records only that information which is essential to the client’s rehabilitation or employment
  • Maintain only appropriate relationships with clients, and in situations where dual relationship exists, member will maintain all standards of professional conduct
  • Guide, counsels and develops alternatives but respects the right and the need for the client to make the final decision in all rehabilitation, education or employment plans, and teaches client to accept responsibility for their choices and actions
  • Accept full responsibility for the consequences of the member’s own activities
  • Provide professional service only in those areas in which the member has competence and responsibility
  • Recognize the need to work cooperatively, in a multi-disciplinary team to meet the client’s needs, respecting the unique contribution of each discipline
  • Respect differences of opinion and exercises tact and diplomacy in inter-personal relations
  • The member providing training/instruction will understand adult education theory and practice, and will be skillful in:
    • Facilitating adult learning
    • Fostering positive group dynamics
    • Setting a safe environment
    • Preparing lesson plans and following curricula
    • Keeping the learning creative and participatory
  • Keep the interest of the clientele above that of the member at all times; strive to continually progress in personal and professional competence