Are you a Certified Career Development Professional who moved to British Columbia, but gained their designation in other province?

Don't worry, your designation can be easily transferred and you can continue reaping the benefits of being confidently certified.

Below are the steps that outline the process.

What is a CCDP designation transfer?

As a CCDP, you may move to BC and wish to maintain your CCDP designation with the BC Career Development Association (BCCDA) rather than with the association that granted you designation.

Most of the provincial associations grant CCDP designation transfers.

Please follow the transfer process below to be certified with us.


The CCDP applying for a designation transfer must have a current CCDP designation with another provincial association and must become a "professional member" of the BCCDA in order for their transfer to be processed.


  • The BCCDA Certification Committee will review the designation transfer application and required documentation to determine eligibility. If eligible, the CCDP will be granted the BCCDA CCDP designation.

  • Designation transfer applications will only be accepted prior to the CCDP expiry date. If the designation transfer request is made after the CCDP expiry date the applicant will be required to submit a new CCDP application.

  • The BCCDA Certification Committee will review applications on a rolling basis. We will confirm receipt of the application with the CCDP by email and advise the CCDP of the process time.

Application and Required Documentation:

Please complete the "Online Designation Transfer Form" first and submit the below required documentation via email to with the subject "CCDP Designation Transfer Application " prior to the CCDP certification expiry date.

Required documentation includes:

  • Copy of current CCDP certificate

  • Copy of current resume / curriculum vitae which includes descriptions of career development paid employment experience

If documentation is missing and / or delayed, the application will not be reviewed for eligibility until the required information is provided. This may result in a decision delay by the BCCDA Certification Committee or the application not being accepted. The Certification Committee representative may contact the applicant if any additional information and / or clarification is required.

The information collected is strictly confidential and will be used only for the purpose of assessing your membership status and request for designation transfer.

Important Notes:

  1. Please ensure you have filled in the online application and gathered the required documentation to submit your application.

  2. Your CCDP designation expiry date will remain the same. Upon being granted the BCCDA CCDP designation you will be subject to the BCCDA’s CCDP Schedule of Fees. Please refer to the BCCDA website for the most current fee schedule. The fee schedule will be reviewed periodically and is subject to change.

  3. An admin fee of $50 plus taxes will be charged once you are considered eligible for the transfer.

  4. If you have any questions please contact us at