BCCDA is the official and recognized certifying body for professionals working in the Career Development related field as well as agencies employing such professionals in British Columbia.

Professions in the Career Development Sector

  • Career Development Practitioners

  • Career Educators

  • Career Development Specialists

  • Employment Counsellors

  • Career Counsellors

  • Career Coaches

  • Rehabilitation Consultants

  • Professionals working with Immigrants

  • Job Placement Professionals

  • Job Developers

  • Co-Op Coordinators

  • Family and Personal Counsellors

  • Educators, Trainers, Facilitators

  • Human Resource Professionals

  • Product Developers

  • Program Managers, Executive Directors

  • Policy Makers

What does certification with BCCDA mean?

  • Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) - This recognized sector credentials guarantee high level of qualifications as well as commitment to continuous learning to keep the knowledge current and relevant in order to provide the best service to clients.

  • A Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) is a professional who has exhibited career development knowledge, interpersonal competence, needs-assessment and referral skills amongst other competencies required to provide a high level of qualified service.

  • Additionally, a CCDP is required to have skills and expertise in at least three of the following areas: assessment, facilitated individual and group learning, career counselling, information and resource management, work development, and community capacity building.

  • Certified Career Development Practitioners have also committed to adhering to a professional Code of Ethics as outlined by the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners.

How to become a Certified Career Development Practitioner

How to become a Certified Career Development Agency