When first getting starting in this field, one should be aware that there are many paths available. The range of skills, abilities, and educational requirements that employers seek can be quite broad. The best way to get insight into the field is to talk to practitioners and employers. Join our community and attend our events to meet other practitioners who can assist you in your quest.


Opportunities for entry-level through advanced training and for ongoing professional development are essential to the career practitioner community. BC’s career practitioners have a vast array of courses available to them: from entry level to advanced training; from certificates to graduate degrees. Below, we have compiled lists (or provided external links) that detail various educational and professional development opportunities. There is likely to be overlap within each of these lists and/or links, but it is also worth exploring all of them to ensure that you don’t miss anything!

BCCDA Training Days

For over two decades, BCCDA has coordinated training and professional networking events for career practitioners. BCCDA’s training events on timely topics are scheduled on demand throughout the Lower Mainland and, on demand on Vancouver Island, in the Fraser Valley, and in BC’s interior. These training days provide an ongoing arena for the exchange of information relevant to our sector. Please refer to our Training Days for upcoming available training activities and events.

Formal and Informal Degree, Diploma, Certificate Programs

BCCDA has compiled a list of associations and institutions which provide training in the career development field. Please note: this is not meant to be a complete list. You can view this list Training Professional Development.

CDP Infographic with hyperlinks.pdf