LUBICA KEIGHERY - Executive Director

Lubica Keighery is an experienced executive utilizing versatile skill sets acquired during her work for private, public companies as well as non-profit sector. She has a masters degree in art history, philosophy and English literature. After graduating, she has worked as a journalist and a broadcaster for a national radio in her native Slovakia before immigrating to Canada 18 years ago.

Lubica took on the executive role in January 2018. Since the beginning of her tenure, she has led the revitalization of the organization. The restructuring has included, among others, developing and implementing: new management strategies; new event and professional development initiatives, marketing and rebranding campaigns; increasing consistency, efficiency and developing new administrative systems.

Lubica is passionate about supporting career development professionals and committed to elevating the status of the profession that can have a possible impact on the lives of many individuals and in turn empower the communities where they live.

contact: info@bccda.org

SWEETY RAJPAL - Communications & Membership Manager

Sweety Rajpal is a seasoned Marketing Communication professional, with experience working in various industries within the marketing and brand departments. She firmly believes that the written word can wield immense power if it is communicated effectively. In her opinion, the key to successful communication lies in being genuine and empathetic toward the audience. Sweety holds a Master's Degree in Business Management, with a specialization in Marketing. She relocated to Canada in 2018, and presently holds the position of Communications & Membership Manager at BC Career Development Association. 

Sweety is a skilled social media expert and adeptly manages BCCDA's social media pages, keeping them vibrant and engaging with a constant stream of compelling stories. She is consistently enthusiastic about resolving member issues and assisting them in navigating through the certification and maintenance procedures. Her dedication ensures the smooth and efficient functioning of the organization!


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