Certified Career Development Professional - CCDP

“As a certified Career Development Practitioner, your expertise and experience will be formally recognized and, as others join you, Career Development will be recognized as a rigorous field that creates value for individuals, employers, communities, our province and our country.”  Sareena Hopkins, Executive Director of  Canadian Career Development Foundation & Chair Council for Canadian Council for Career Development.

Why should you become a Certified Career Development Practitioner - CCDP

CCDP designation is a recognized trademark that communicates CREDIBILITY, a high level of PROFESSIONALISM and ETHICAL STANDARDS, as well as a commitment to continuous professional development. 

Certified professionals showcase high industry standards in the level of their training or work experience in order to qualify for the credentials. The certification makes it easier to communicate the expertise to the clients as well as prospective employers.

BCCDA is now leading conversations with the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology, and Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. We are in the process of expanding our relationships and exploring the ways the current certification will be officially recognized. 

Being certified, you are demonstrating to everyone, but most importantly to your clients and your potential employers that you have a combination of education, work experience, and competency to provide expertise at the professional standards of career development as they are set in British Columbia. CCDP certification gives you an edge of a trusted career development practitioner.

Who is the CCDP Designation for?

CCDP designation is designed to serve professionals in a variety of Career Development related professions;

Application for this credential is voluntary. Eligibility is based upon a combination of education, work experience, and evidence of competency.

 Applicants who meet all requirements for CCDP certification may apply directly for Certification. Those who meet the criteria partially are also encouraged to apply and will be given the provisional status of CCDP Candidate. CCDP Candidates will have 5 years to fulfill the missing criteria. After the missing criteria are submitted and pass the review process, the Candidate will be given full CCDP status at no extra cost. 


Step one:  Complete Ethics and Theories Course - You can take the course at one of the educators listed HERE, or you can sign up for Ethics and Theories with BCCDA

Step two: Apply for certification ONLINE.  Access our online application HERE and follow the steps outlined. If you need assistance, please contact our certification manager, Sweety Rajpal at admin@bccda.org, and she will gladly assists you with the process. 

Step three: Your application will be reviewed by our review team and you will get the final results approximately three weeks after your completed application has been submitted. 

Step four: When your application was successful and you become a CERTIFIED CAREER DEVELOPMENT PRACTITIONER or a temporary CANDIDATE status, you will be asked to join us as a Professional Member, so you can keep up to date with the latest knowledge within the sector and also so you can maintain your certification by doing annual professional development activities.  Apply for professional membership HERE

NEED ASSISTANCE? Contact our team at admin@bccda.org or call 604-684-3638




Not ready to be certified, but still interested in being part of our community and gaining access to our resources? Please, join us as our ASSOCIATE OR A STUDENT MEMBER