"ColourSpectrums Career Development Certification Training - February 25, 2022"

BCCDA would like to invite you to participate in the ColourSpectrums Certification Training designed by Rob Chubb to aid the work of Career Development Professionals!

What is ColourSpectrums?

ColourSpectrums is a personality styles and human dynamics model presented to groups and individuals in an entertaining, interactive workshop format.

ColourSpectrums is based on Rob Chubb's 3 foundational books that reveal your personality as a unique combination of four primary colours representing the 4 dimensions of human development.


This training will certify career practitioners to facilitate ColourSpectrums Career Development sessions for individuals and groups. This dynamic multimedia training is narrated by founding director Rob Chubb.

Training is fully supported with dynamic PowerPoint animations, music, step by step instruction guide, manual with handout masters, 3 books and support 24/7.


You will be able to use the PowerPoint to help clients utilize the 4 colourfully illustrated ColourSpectrums cards, card descriptions and Scoring System to reveal their unique ColourSpectrums employment interests and skill sets .

Here are some testimonials from our previous participants:-

"I participated in Colourspectrums training and WOW! This tool made finding the right job easier, setting up client resumes/cover letters in a way the client can see and understand what they skills are. My fav part is the circle graph with the suitable jobs with NOC codes. You have to see it, its a game changer."

"This is a great tool to support career transitioning individuals. They can develop a better understanding of their work styles, interests and motivations. Then explore new or career paths using real skills sets required and based on these traits and acquired skills. The online search tool is user friendly, making it easy to visualizing new opportunities and spark conversations"

"The ColourSpectrums Certificate program was excellent. The program is customized for career development with NOC codes and coaching for specifics such as job interviews. Facilitator was professional, approachable and the presentation creative and relevant. Thanks BCCDA!"

"The training session I attended was easy to follow along with, and had a personalized, down-to-earth touch. The content was highly valuable and relevant to my work, and I really got an idea of how I can best use this assessment tool with my students going forward :)

You will gain the capacity to engage clients in colourful career conversations, colour coding and practical exercises relating to:

  • Job searches

  • Job descriptions

  • Resumes / cover letters

  • Job interviews

  • Team work

  • Work environments

  • Work styles

  • Communication styles

  • Interaction styles

  • National Occupational Classifications

Teach your clients the magical language of ColourSpectrums that will empower and motivate them as they actively explore, discover and celebrate their employment potential.

You will qualify to subscribe to the NEW ColourSpectrums Career Dashboard !

This dashboard is a culmination of 20 years of research and experience. This powerful interactive tool merges the well known ColourSpectrums Personality Styles model with the qualitative analysis of the 500 Unit Groups in National Occupational Classification (NOC): Canada's national system for describing occupations. You will receive a one month free subscription to the ColourSpectrums Career Development Dashboard so you can take it for a test drive. Buckle Up LOL.

The Amazing Bubble Chart!

This user friendly interactive dashboard searches and analyzes 500 National Occupational Classifications to identify NOC unit groups that match clients' ColourSpectrums profiles.

What are the benefits?

You will be certified as an independent ColourSpectrums career facilitator and be authorized to access ColourSpectrums materials and you will join the growing network of career facilitators who will support your career work. Training includes Live zoom training, 3 hours of audio visual training (a PowerPoint presentation fully narrated by founding director Rob Chubb), a PowerPoint presentation (without narration) for your sessions, 1 career facilitator’s guide with step-by-step instructions for facilitating, 1 career facilitator’s manuals with handout and exercise masters, the series of 3 ColourSpectrums books, ColourSpectrums career certification and access to ColourSpectrums support services. You will qualify to subscribe to the dashboard.colourspectrums.com.


Early bird Member Price: $140.00 + tax (Valid till January 31, 2022)

Early bird Non-Member Price: $170.00 + tax (Valid till January 31, 2022)

Member Price: $170.00 (regular rate) + tax

Non-Member Price: $200. 00 (regular rate) + tax


This training builds the capacity of a wide range of career and employment practitioners to assist clients, employees and students with career planning and employment search strategies:

  • Career development practitioners

  • Career consultants

  • Career counsellors

  • Career educators/teachers

  • Employment/job counsellors

  • Human resource professionals

  • Immigration consultants

Training Format

We will ship the training materials to you the week before the zoom training. The Zoom training will be held 9 am to 12 noon, (PST) Friday, February 25th, 2022.

For video training excerpts and details please visit: