National Certification Pilot & Full Launch 

The National certification process commenced in 2019 and was finalized in early 2023. This process established a national certification body to confer the CCDP designation which will be recognized nationally. 

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Recertification will continue in the 5 provinces until national certification begins. 

BC CCDPs Transition Process  If you are certified and have maintained your certification through annual maintenance, you will be eligible to move over (be legacied) to national certification without needing to requalify. 

Transition Steps:


Specific dates will be communicated after the pilot is over. Once started, there will be a defined transition period to complete this process.

CCDP Candidates: Those who are still collecting their work experience but are maintaining their candidacy with BCCDA will also be given a chance to transition to national certification. The national body will have a record of BCCDA candidates and will allow them to collect the necessary work experience, obtain the CCDP designation, and finally transition through the legacy program. 

 Important Points:

There will be an administrative fee for the transfer. We acknowledge that some of the information may not be entirely clear at this moment. However, it will become more coherent and detailed once the process is finalized. We will continue to update this page and provide you with the latest information as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

 BCCDA will continue to certify career practitioners until national certification is fully implemented. Please review the guidelines here to get certified with BCCDA.

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