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BCCDA holds educational webinars every second Wednesday of the month. Webinars are free of charge to the members of the association, as well as member agencies.

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Time: February 9th, 2022 – 12 pm to 1pm

Title: "Measuring Results – Moving beyond the traditional yardstick to individual competency-based options"

Presenter: Megan Hamlet

About the session:

Megan will explore the rapid shift in client abilities and needs meshing with our expectations as facilitators and instructors. Traditionally, employment service programming has followed a series of steps and assignments provided to students to showcase the transfer of knowledge in the classroom. This has typically included one project with the same due date, the exact requirement of words or subject matter and applied to all the participants in the program. So, what would happen if we tried something different? What would it look like if we take Culture into account and a storytelling option available? Would a graphically designed digital submission carry the same weight? With such diverse and varied abilities, demographics, and backgrounds of our learners, how can we forge a new path of options that make learners feel represented and excited to use their talents?

You will come away from the session with:

  • Assignment ideas to consider for your programs or clients

  • Why this change is needed for our learners

  • How individuals can thrive applying their unique abilities.

About the presenter:

Megan won the 2021 Emerging Career Practitioner Award and works with ETHOS Career Management Group Ltd. She has worked in the Career Services field for the last four years within various roles such as Program Manager, Self-Employment Specialist, Community Engagement Liaison. She is now working as the Manager of Training and Development for the Research and Development Team with the ETHOS Learning Innovation and Technology team. Having spent most of her career in the Technology, Finance and Fitness industries, you will find Megan brings a perspective to the Employment industry that is both innovative and seeks to question the status quo. She has presented over 50 presentations in 2021 alone, with ASPECT, BCCDA, Cannexus, Royal Roads and BCIT. With a background in Business Administration, Adult Learning, Entrepreneurship, EDI and graphic facilitation. You can expect to leave the presentation with new information, tools, be inspired to try something new.

MARCH 2022

Time: March 9th, 2022 – 12 pm to 1pm

Title: "Leading with Emotional Intelligence"

Presenter: David Cory

About the session:


About the presenter:

David Cory is the founder of the Emotional Intelligence Training Company, Inc! In addition to a Master of Arts Degree in Adult Education, David is certified as a trainer/facilitator with several leading corporate training companies such as Achieve Global and Development Dimensions International. He is a Certified Trainer in the area of Emotional Intelligence with MHS Inc. and is considered to be an international expert on the integration of emotional intelligence and leadership development.

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