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BCCDA holds educational webinars every second Wednesday of the month. Webinars are free of charge to the members of the association, as well as member agencies.

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Time: September 15th, 2021 – 12 pm to 1pm

Title: 5 Ways to practice positive self-talk and gain freedom from the inner critic!

Presenter: Maryse Cardin

About the session:

When you speak to yourself, is it with understanding, and kindness, or do you criticize yourself constantly? Self talk can be your ally and work for you, or it can get in the way of you living your right professional and personal life. Studies have shown that positive self-talk is linked to more success, better health, more loving relationships, and way less stress. In this interactive workshop, come learn simple ways to transform your self talk from negative and critical to positive and supportive. Come learn to speak to yourself as a true friend would. .

About the presenter:

Maryse Cardin is an author, workshop leader, and university communications instructor. She is the author of Speaking to Yourself with Love, Transform Your Self Talk and the upcoming Self Talk Love for Sensitives, Ease Anxiety and Awaken to the Gifts of Being a Highly Sensitive Woman. Visit Maryse at www.selftalklove.com and www.facebook.com/selftalklove.com .


Time: October 13th, 2021 – 12 pm to 1pm

Title: "Supporting Individuals with Sight Loss in Career and Employment Services "

Presenters: Samantha Dyton & Lyndsey Rosevear

About the session:

Changing what it means to be blind in the world today, CNIB career and employment services would like to invite you to our webinar “Supporting Individuals with Sight Loss in Career & Employment Services”. We will be addressing the following most asked questions by career practitioners when connecting with the vision loss community:

  • What is vision loss?

  • What language to use and how to interact?

  • What specific barriers to be aware of when individuals with sight loss are looking to get back into the workforce and how to navigate

  • What types of careers and how to explore career choices

  • What supports and programs are available

About the presenters:

Samantha Dyton :- Formerly a Career Advisor for the mental health and addictions community, Samantha utilizes trauma informed practice to now serve the vision loss community. Since joining the Canadian National Institute to the Blind, Samantha has developed partnerships with case managers from employment programs from all over the province. She assists clients who are experiencing various degrees of vision loss with removing barriers to employment. Most notably she has orchestrated an international partnership to help clients increase competitiveness in returning to the workforce. Working in harmony with the provincial government, she is committed to increasing equality on a systematic level.

Lyndsey Rosevear :- Originally a client of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Lyndsey is a passionate advocate for human rights who now works in the career and employment department. She creates innovative programs to help promote and foster client development. Lyndsey supports individuals with breaking down their limiting beliefs by hosting an influential national series for the vision loss community titled, “How I Did It.” An inspiring leader, Lyndsey encourages individuals to see themselves beyond their vision loss and has been an instrumental player in developing the national Come to Work program.

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