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BCCDA holds educational webinars every second Wednesday of the month. Webinar are free of charge to the professional members of the association, as well as member agencies.

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Time: 13th, November 2019 – 12pm to 1pm

Title: Shaping the Future by Knowing Your Purpose

Presenter: Richard Bucher

Cost: Free – Exclusive to BCCDA members

Credits towards annual CCDP maintenance: One and half for live participation, one for recording


About the session:

Within a career life context the optimal life hierarchy is Purpose-Career-Job. In practice, many we serve have an inverted hierarchy, Job-Career-Purpose. Here's the issue. When they lose their job, they lose everything. When asked what they do the answer is often, "I'm unemployed." We will discuss how reorienting your hierarchy, putting purpose in the dominant role, provides clarity, vision and direction.

About the presenter:

Richard is a subject matter expert in career management and a credentialed coach who guides clients to them actualize their purpose. Richard has over 30 years of career development experience with subject matter expertise in career transition. He is a speaker and regular media contributor. Richard’s book, It's Enough To Be On Your Way – Your Path To Purpose, was published last year and forms the groundwork for today’s session.

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