Article Contest - WE HAVE THE WINNER!

Thank you all for taking the time in your busy days to contribute writing on the topic of Career Development and its purpose in the less favorable economic environment. Our selection committee had a hard time choosing, but in the end, the winner was selected !

Below is a message from Seanna Queressette, M.Ed., CCDP (Vice President and Vice Chairperson of BCCDA Board), the head of the winner selection committee:

We were impressed by the variety of topics covered and the different writing styles and styles of submissions!

We all agree that Karen Begemann has the strongest submission. Her piece is very well written and well-supported by evidence and references. We all agreed hers was the most professionally written in terms of headings and usefulness for people in the field.

We also all agreed Kim Donaldson's submission deserves an honorable mention. This piece was strong and included interesting information. It was scored only slightly lower than Karen's by all of us."

Seanna Quressette, M.Ed., CCDP

The winning piece of Karen Begemann is live on CareerWise now!

The Honorable Mention Recipient is Kim Donaldson.

Thanks so much for all your submissions and participation!