Because Career Development Changes Everything

Over the month of November, amplify how career development changes everything on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. Using the hashtag #Amplifier2022. Global Careers Month in North America invites you to post about what career development means and how it changes everything.


The Inter-Agency Career Guidance Working Group (IAG CGWG), composed by Cedefop, the European Commission, ETF, ILO, OECD, UNESCO and World Bank will support a Global Careers Month from 8 November to 12 December 2022.

This period will aim at raising awareness about the role and importance of effective career guidance to enable access to decent work, careers and support growth efforts during the economic recovery.

North American contribution to Global Career Month:-

CCDF, CERIC and the NCDA are co-hosting a social media campaign called Career Development Changes Everything. The goal of the campaign is to flood the internet with posts that shine a spotlight on the meaning, impact, and value of career development. We hope this raises awareness among the public and deepens our field’s sense of pride.

Where you come in :-

We’re hoping you will create a short video (45 secs max) and be among the very first to post as part of this campaign on or by October 28 th to 31 st !


  • Be sure to use the hashtag #Amplifier2022 and tag CCDF, CERIC, and/or NCDA.

  • Imagine you’re speaking to a stranger who doesn’t know anything about career development. Make your post about what you’d want them to know about what career development is and why it matters.

  • More prompts to follow here

The posts made by early influencers will be featured on Career Month website as inspiration for others. After November 1, we’ll follow up with more prompts and you’ll be welcome to post as many times as you’d like...but we’d really like to profile your initial post early, and to position you as a Career Month Amplifier!


  • Create your video and/or a post and tag BCCDA on Linkedin or Twitter for the whole month of November!

  • Enter yourself in a draw to win a ticket to BCCDA CDC 2023.

We hope to see you as an #Amplifier2022!