BCCDA has partnered up with Canadian Career Development Foundation to offer our members and community convenient online courses in Career Development through VOCO portal.

CCDF’s VOCO Training Centre offers educators and career development professionals a series of accessible, self-paced courses to learn new skills,access innovative new approaches and tools, connect with fellow professionals and fulfill course requirements for certification as Career Development Professionals (CDPs).

VOCO’s courses meet core and specialized competencies outlined in the Canadian Career Development Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners and the requirements of provincial certification bodies.

VOCO courses are offered online through an easy-to-use learning portal where the pace and approach to learning is up to you.

VOCO Courses

Career Development Theories:-

This course provides participants with an informed foundation and theoretical context for their career development practice. No matter what side of the “I like or don’t like theory” continuum you stand, we’ve developed an interactive and engaging course that supports you in integrating current thinking to your own theoretical approach to practice. Please refer here for details.

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Work Search :-

Work Search course prepares Career Development Professionals to help students/clients transition in to jobs, find/create meaningful work, and develop personalized plans for effective work search. Please refer here for details.

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Career Development Process :-

This course builds the core skills and specialized techniques needed to effectively build a working alliance with clients and deliver career services using proven and effective models. It supports learners in practicing the skills underpinning the working alliance and client engagement in the context of the career service delivery model. Please refer here for details.

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Engage: Dynamic Ways of Connecting :-

Explore the career development process from an actively engaged perspective. Combining ideas from Norm Amundson’s award-winning career development book “Active Engagement” and Andrea Fruhling’s creative career coaching approach, learners will gain a deeper understanding of a more creative, client-centered career development process from start to finish. Please refer here for details.

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